20 year game


The 20 Year Game is currently full, and we've turned it into a KIT!

Yes, Mapping the Path = Creating A Compass to Uplevel the Whole of Your Life, is available as a home study course.  You'll get all the same tools, but instead of paying $1900 for our live, 3-day workshop, you'll have it on your laptop - for $78.  Crazy, we know.  


"holy sh*. in making my 20 year game...is this really happening?? Maya, i am so grateful for the way you hold space on the moon. i am sitting here at my computer barely able to see the screen my eyes are so full of tears. i'm just feeling f*ing wonky and crazy over it all." Latisha Guthrie herbmother.com

Because of the results that come from the 20 Year Game, it's Maya Hackett's favorite course to teach.   As you may know, she's having her fourth baby.  Which historically means she disappears completely in mama-land for months and months.  So she's packed it all up, just for CI's Conscious Creative members.  

20 Year Game Map by Heather Kamala, Founder of KiDo Kids Yoga + Magikal Child Preschool


  • How to turn time backwards to capture what's been elusive
  • How we raised $40 million over 15 years, consulting to a $240 million+ exit sale...while on vacation
  • The truth about manifestation: dissonance and windows of opportunity
  • What it takes to generate ridiculous support, and how to care for them like family
  • How to handle breakdowns, failures and missteps
  • Why it's important to clarify Measures, how that's different from mainstream success and why you can't have true fulfillment without them
  • The realities of creating material existence: energetic dynamics, real needs, and how to meet them 
  • The simple trick nobody does, that led to our urban*stead, a filled exotic car share, and three fast, beautiful home births - even though Maya "couldn't have more children"
  • What you don't know that makes it impossible to reach your goal
  • Creative ways to work with unreasonable and impossible intentions
  • How being driven, results-oriented and pushing thru will kill crucial elements of your game
  • The secret to creating the energy, charisma and wisdom to enroll key players 
  • Where you really need go each day to make it happen 


1 GUIDED VISUALIZATION, placing you in 2034

4 RECORDED WORKSHOPS, stacked with tools

3 TEMPLATES for your linear game

INSTANT CLASSROOM DELIVERY of all components, for eternal access

Let's turn time upside down and backwards.  It gets really clear from there.


somehow, impossibly




Feeling overwhelmed, urgent, or like you might explode if your vision doesn't take off yesterday?  Like maybe their isn't enough time, resources, or support?  You probably just need to Clear, Create & Calibrate at the cell level.  Schedule a 1-on-1 Workshop Session asap.