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Your family is impossibly special.  Divinely unique in style, traditions & talent.  Irreplaceable. 

Each of you brings inspiration, vitality and connection to your communities.  Some of you were born with vision, leadership and iconic talent.  Together your contribution is vital to our collective evolution and the well being of our world.

Your family can thrive alongside the pressures of passion and massive accountability.

With aligned hearts, your capacity for conscious impact grows exponentially.

You can do this without force. 

Trauma from the "early days" of building can be removed from your bodies.  Yes, we can all be forgiven for mistakes made within the learning curve of growing our visions.  There is a refresh button! 

And you can serve and create, healthy and pain-free, naturally.  

We bring our collective of world-class doctors, healers & coaches here to get you exactly what you need. 

Because we believe, more than anything else, that truly, madly, deeply profound partnership in families is the answer.  To everything.  

Growing a healthy legacy requires support for your family culture.  Here, we teach you how to cultivate persistent, community-based results and a personal spirituality organized around your unique family values.

As self-made business owners in many industries,

we've taken our beloveds from concept to beyond their initial hopes of fulfillment for 15 years:

Our multi-genre, celebrity DJ syndication + supplies wonderland is now 14+ years-strong.

•$40 million+ raised for businesses, intiatives and non-profits.

•Taken a concept aesthetics clinic to 78+ locations.

•Consulted a second aesthetics business from clinics to licensing for a sale of $240million in under three years. 

•Strategy, branding and design for over 200 online businesses for healers, artists and teachers over two years.  Many of these brought in $10-$35,000 on their first launches.

•Retreats for creative beacons & luminaries at the famed Institute of Noetic Sciences, Esalen Institute, and private havens thruout the country.

•An online magazine for women, releasing the wisdom of women.   Featuring dozens of beloved bloggers, authors, healers and artists.

•An exotic car and yacht share. 

•Lifelong partnerships between creative activists and philanthropists to develop projects together, including documentaries, publications and merging organizations.

 •Platforms, consultation and support for authors, speakers and performing artists.

We know first-hand what kinds of crazy shit it takes to work the trenches & make things EXIST.

As international Circle Facilitators

we work directly with activists, revolutionaries and philanthropists to bring true healing & creative expression to their heart work, bringing new levels of joy, creativity, and support to their long-term contribution.  Currently you can join us at the Evolving and Emerging Economies Jam with YES!

As an intuitive Calibration Strategist, David

helps you create a loving, prolific partnership with the overall dynamics of your life.

•In tandem with our team, he clears physical, chemical, nutritional, emotional, & energetic patterns that stand in the way of results, velocity & profit.  

•Stagnant relationships, abrasive (or volatile) business partnerships, stuck problems, physical pain & family issues transform.

•You calibrate to your goals at the cell level.

•You begin operating from a place of wholeness & joyful alignment, feeling hope & power without false pride, dread or overwhelm.

•He guides you thru the stages of Unconsciously Incompetent, Consciously Incompetent, Consciously Competent, Unconsciously Competent, Excellent, & Genius.

As a Legacy Architect, Maya

gratefully holds three communities: 

A-List Performing Artists & Pro-Athletes...we create platforms around your talent so that you can be a Resource*FULL Beacon, for your family & community, well past the day your career ends.  

•We bring you our industry lawyers & financial planners, each with over 20 years experience, to help you create a team that has your back.  

•We work privately & at Enduring Beacons Summits.

The Wealthy...we create values-infused giving plans based on what lights you up.  

•We lighten any trauma & communal separation around the money, & explore the dream.  

•Most have local & creative projects you want to forward.  Often, you are the 1% that Stands with the 98%, excited about social justice, cultural preservation or environmental initiatives.  

•However you hope it goes down, we'll make sure you Don't Blow the Dough.  (We've crafted giving plans for those with a collective net worth of $14 billion.) 

 Conscious Creative Visionaries. ..we handle the nuts and bolts of how to get your idea real & into the hands of everyone you're karmically entwined with...everyone.  

•We start with a 100 Year Vision that handles the Big Picture.

•You create a 20 Year Game with the Whole of your longings, & we get you the technical, marketing, & strategic tools you need.  

•Ultimately we hook you up with powerfully allies that live to create personal & communally sustainable movements.  (*See my TEDx talk on Architecture for Conscious Creative Legacies on TED.)

Everything we do is based on these concepts: 

Our bodies know.  They know what's true, healthy and right.  And they will not let us participate in what's not without revolting.  The same goes for children, and at a more unconscious level, our partners.  When we can tap into the wisdom that's innate, our entire paths unfold with great clarity like a beautiful map with intricate typography.  Here, we study what is innate as a science. 

We Need Anchors.  These are the elders, mentors, truths and principles that make the Path.  Before we make choices, we choose anchors and see what there is to learn and pay homage to.   Before we walk in to serve others, we need to check-in to understand what they already know.  Before we create, we need to honor what's already been created. From there we might have the humility to invent a new model.

Head on Earth, Listening for What's Needed.  Literally.  Maya lays her head down, David jumps in the lake, and we hope you do something, anything to ground in and get the clarity that comes from being small and part.  Practice is the divine in action.  

Manifestation Creates Dissonance.  Commitment Creates Results.  The full manifestation process highlights what's not working.  Using our will and commitment, we can continue to edify community, build structures and cultivate support for our work anyway.  All of this creates both "good" and "bad" stress on the heart, discomfort in our bodies and strain on the family.  Calibration is the Art of Ease.

Being On Purpose Requires Both Clarity & Community.  There's a lot we can do on our own and thru force, but none of that is personally sustainable or worthwhile.  It's easy to become driven, regardless of the costs, or to burn-out, hurting ourselves and those we love.  Especially if that's what we've learned or inherited at the DNA-level.   When we clear out the muck of the past, bad habits and weird inherited emotions like "impending doom," "paralyzed will," and "deep, unrequited love," we are free to really be with people, to ask for what we want and to move our bodies with true power.  We cultivate community-based results that are consistent, persistent and sustainable.

We delight in our work.   Our private sessionsretreats and expeditions are here because we pretty much think you're rad.  This is exactly how we want our lives to be filled.  Thank you. 

A couple of personal notes...


*Our familyreflects the kind of thinking that happens when one is allowed tofollow their interests, passions and ideals full-out, without theboundaries of corporate or school walls. 

*I love my unreasonable life, it is full ofgreat teachers, elders, mentors, & most especially, the spark oflearning testosterone that is our three boys, who are probably doing some dope tricks off the windowsill downstairs.  

*Thrice I have been in major car accidents, and thrice I have been deeplyill, so I live big, because I can.  And I'm lucky enough to bemarried to The One, who took such good care of me that I'll never everget over it. 

*I happen to know that anything is possible, that there aremillions of leaders working for good, justice & sustainability,  throughout the world, right now. 

*I don't care for rules or formalstructure, but I like to go with the community dynamic when it's healthy& inspired.  Because when the product of a community is the well-being of the community, balance is present.  Spirit is Present. 

*I have been leading week-long events & writing in community journals since I was fifteen.  At thirty-six, I'm twenty-one years into this honor, & I've learned this about myself: Solidarity is home base for me.  My blood still carries the old cultures, where the most valuable commodity was always the well-being of the community landscape.  We create, trade and share well-being.  It's an altogether different paradigm than building up oneself, one's own fame & reputation.  My work is not for those playing that game.  

*If you are building a movement that belongs to many movements, then you already speak the language of community & contribution & Let's Go.  You & I will always hustle for our people because that is what we do.


*By 17, I had been behind the closed doors of the locker room, during an NFL World Championship with the San Fransisco 49ers, an NCAA Football National Championship with the USC Trojans, and my own undefeated 16-0 Texas State Football Championship with the Southlake Carroll Dragons.  Fresh out of college I somehow broke six figures within 10 months, reaching the top of the company by year's end.  

*So much early witnessing of wasted “Talent” and wasted “Money”, inspired me to seek the leading-edge ways and technologies winners used to sustain success in any area of their lives.

Also, I've had very limited success with pro sports' best medical doctors, driving me to find some sustainable relief from my own extreme pain and sports injuries.

*At the recommendation of some very successful business mentors, I met a “Natural Doctor” that permanently changed my life forever.  While Maya and I continued our successful ventures we discovered that most people, projects, marriages and businesses don't have a chance, because of the chemical, nutritional, emotional, energetic, physical and psychogenetic (inherited DNA), patterns blocking forward movement.  We actively sought out the very best practitioners for ourselves and peers, resulting in our exclusive, completely word-of-mouth collective, Granite Pass Calibration.  Here, NFL Athletes, Teams, Trainers, Chiropractors and Execs of $100 M+ companies clear patterns that stand in the way of results, velocity and profit.

*Our closest friends and clients have urged us to make this work accessible to our larger community.  And here it is. 

Thank you for following that thread, that spark of intuitive knowing that found you here.  We believe that we're karmically entwined.   

Become a member and uplevel the goodness.   Enter your name + email below, and we'll send you the best we've got.

Oh, & feel free to send us those spiraling thoughts, ideas and inquiries you're having.  Of course we can support you with all that.   We love to be On Purpose together.


David & Maya

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Lake, Maya, Kai, David and Mahal Hackett

Lake, Maya, Kai, David and Mahal Hackett

The Hackercraft + Forty 

Kai with Nutmeg + Neroli at Home

Kai with Nutmeg + Neroli at Home

Happiness = Barefoot Hikes Around the Island

Happiness = Barefoot Hikes Around the Island

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Kinda like cousins :: 3rd-generation dock meeting

Kinda like cousins :: 3rd-generation dock meeting

The Grandpas Going for a Spin

The Grandpas Going for a Spin

Joy = Treasure Hunting Outside

Joy = Treasure Hunting Outside

Grandma Vidda

Grandma Vidda

The Office

The Office

Night Life = Family Time

Night Life = Family Time