CI Mentors :: 2-Time Superbowl Lineman, John Ayers Gave Trust + Listening


John Ayers congratulating Jerry Rice.  Photo by Tom Levy, The Chronicle, 1986.


Starting 7th grade,  I was on my fifth move and fifth school as an NFL kid.  

As close as we were, there's an unseen sacrifice in every football family, as the sport requires the full, 24/7 presence of the coaches to get the job done.

So it maybe goes without saying, but I had developed some beliefs about myself (neuro pathways/ brain patterns) like, “I am not trusted enough” and “my opinion is not valued in my family.”

At Calibration Institute we clear, create and calibrate such thoughts with specific intention.  When I was 12, it took an often unnoticed hard working Cowboy named John Ayers. 

For those of you that followed football at all in the early 80’s, you know the famous drive...the young Joe Montana led down the field in the final seconds in the NFC Championship Game that led to “The Catch” by Dwight Clark, in the end zone, to beat “America’s Team” the Dallas Cowboys.  The 49ers went on to win the first of what would be five Super Bowls in that era.  Well.   One of the offensive guards protecting Joe and leading that charge down the field was John Ayers.  To me he was a real Cowboy, tall, huge, strong, and straight outta Texas with a handle bar mustache…and as a young kid his trust and listening for me blew out some of those insecure neuro-pathways, creating a new possibility, with a foundation of confidence that let's me be great in my life.


What we bring at Calibration Institute is an authentic, innate, profound listening for the true and ultimate fulfillment of you, your team, and organization.  Regardless of your game, we bring science and strategy to the absolute reality that you can do it…there are just some very real patterns in the way, "dis-allowing" your doing it.  In the listening of CI, all things are possible.  It starts with someone listening to you differently than others have been, including you and the stories you’ve made up about you that no longer serve you.


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