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No one really seeks us out unless they are a visionary, and given by an intense sense of contribution.  Our authors continually surprise us with their personal tenacity, coupled with a distinct joy they find in human expression.  And every once in awhile, we are given the gift of a gorgeous friend in purpose, one who forwards the art of calibration.

Kamal Ravikant glided up (in a sweet silver BMW cabriolet), heart splayed open, eager to clear a series of emotional gashes that threatened to swell and inflame a year of good fortune.  We did some - he takes responsibility for himself with the transcendent self-knowledge we hope all CEOs might bring to the table.  And he vowed deep reciprocation.  (He does this, paying things forward, back and all around, all over the world. It's his gift.) Over the next 48 hours we exchanged truths, became family and discussed the merits of giving as a personal practice, when one is doing well, yes, but more as an intimate lifeline during those times when the sheets are pulled up past the nose, when the rain sounds like pewter at midnight, and the wind seems a lonely constant.  We considered the credits earned by those who've gifted us with not just wisdom and leadership, but fleeting moments of grace in the form of friendship On Path.

Kamal and CI founder David Hackett

Kamal and CI founder David Hackett


We played basketball. Or at least, they did.   


And when he left, we settled in with Kamal's first book, based on a short talk he offered to an audience of scientists, Pentagon officials, politicians, and CEOs on the secret of life.  A tiny book, by any standard.  And another example that brevity is a marker of the divine.

We've gifted these pages to our inner circle of beloveds, not to fill them with more access, or more wisdom to soak in to their absorbent leadership, but as a fleeting moment.  A bit of grace and an invitation to form a committed friendship to themselves.

One response, from a brilliant lawyer, father of 5, recently divorced: "I changed my passwords from "youreafuckp" to "ilovemyself."  Why would he do that?  Not out of hope.  His kids gave him plenty to hope for.  Because he realized that despite what he may or may not have fucked up, he actually did love himself.  Still.  And again.  

It's not a book of affirmations. One just has to read it.   It's about calibration, in a simple, sublime form.

And while you're at it.  Live Your Truth.  Available.  Right now.  

xx, Maya

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