CI Policies



Payment Policy

Payment for courses and retreats to be received in full, at time of purchase. 

Rates: Calibration Services

(Including NET Neuro Emotional Technique, TFT Thought Field Therapy, SRT Spiritual Response Therapy, Energy Medicine, etc…)

Tuesday & Thursday Community Access Rates are available for live, in-person visits only.

Payment is to be received upon services rendered. 

We accept cash payment and all major credit cards.  We do not accept checks.

Nutritional supplements and other health supplies must be paid for at time of service.  

CI is not affiliated with HMO’s, PPO’s, or Health/Medical insurance companies. Patients who carry any form of medical or health insurance should know that all services rendered by CI are charged directly to the patient. Payment in full is due and payable at time of service.  CI does not carry balances. If payment is not received, the office uses outside sources to collect balances due. 

Session, Course and Retreat Refunds

All sales are final.  We deliver 100% of our session, course and retreat promises.  Currently CI enjoys a 100% results satisfaction rate from our members and program alumni.  As all programs are a mutual partnership between CI, the Calibration Strategist, and participants, it is the participant's responsibility to complete all assigned session, course and retreat work, including partnerwork, video viewings, listening to audios, playsheets, mapping, external inquiries, and scheduled appointments.  We are delighted to offer a 100% refund to any unsatisfied participant who completes 100% of their assignments.  Participants who do not complete assigned work, sessions and programs will not receive full value of their investment, forfeiting both their partnership and refund.  To receive a full refund, send 100% of completed coursework, including dates, partner notes, and a written request to Reid, Director of Member Services,

What is the CIBOC?

The Calibration Institute Board of Certification, Inc. (CIBOC) was created to provide a certification program for Medical Calibration Strategist (MCS), Sports Calibration Strategist (SCS) and Medical Calibration Practitioner (MCP). The CIBOC establishes and regularly reviews both the standards for the practice of Medical Calibration and Sports Calibration, as well as the continuing education requirements for a CIBOC Certified MCS, SCS or MCP. The CIBOC has the only accredited certification program for Medical Calibration & Sports Calibration in the US.

Important notes:

  • Our certification cannot be obtained thru paying a tuition and completing training.  You must be able to demonstrate effective and consistent calibration, or receive more training.  Thank you. 
  • Medical Calibration Practitioner (MCP) certification training is available to licensed medical doctors, licensed chiropractic doctors and licensed doctors of Chinese medicine with at least 10 years of successful vocational experience.
  • Medical Calibration Strategist (MCS) certification training is available to medical intuitives, somatic clairvoyant coaches and healers with at least 10 years of successful vocational experience.  
  • Sports Calibration Strategist (SCS)  certification training is available to working sports trainers, physical therapists and occupational therapists with at least 10 years of successful vocational experience.