“Genius” couples are fully present, dialed-in to their own understanding of Source.  Free from baggage, physical or relationship distractions, they are able to generate their own momentum on demand and consistently create positive circumstances through changes, set-backs and resistance.  By being authentically charismatic: centered, energized, aware, passionate, spontaneous and clear, they empower each other to step into the service of their own visions. 

Personal, work and educational relationships become partnerships; additional support structures for your goals.  With this foundation, you are able to act from their innate “genius,” far beyond their everyday skills that are competent and even excellent.  Our couples operate with total freedom to be, from a space of full self-expression, service, and power.  Romantic harmony, daily ease and life results are generated with velocity, backed by the enthusiasm and gratitude of a partner that feels fully served.


Romantic partnership offers multiple opportunities for failure. Calibration Institute couples are given a “new lease” from past failures, then cleared throughout their relationship from the intense emotion and debilitating  stress of new failures.  People become stopped, distracted, insensitive, overwhelmed or disenchanted for different reasons, at many different points along the way.  High-stakes partnership ends when you cannot move past competence or excellence without clearing these things out of your bodies.  Marriages and children count on us to be well when we're together.

The clearing process is different for each individual, based on the information the body gives to our practitioners thru a series of different diagnostic processes.  

One can expect to be cleared of physical trauma, injury or behavioral patterns and memories located within the muscle tissue, fat cells, toxic body burden and neural-emotional body.  This distinguishes our team from  couples therapy, relationship consulting, life coaches, or similar. 

We physically move clients through the stages of new learning:

  • Unconscious Incompetence
  • Conscious Incompetence (including emotional blocks & injuries)
  • Conscious Competence (including emotional blocks & injuries)
  • Unconscious Competence (talent)
  • Excellence
  • Genius 


New clients may begin with a clinic visit or Skype Workshop Session to identify their needs and receive a physical, emotional, and  nutritional “overhaul.” Your first two sessions will be with CI founder, David Paul Hackett.

After this point each individual will begin the Creation Process to identify their role and path in the relationship's goals, and will continue to work with the CI Team to Clear, Create and Calibrate themselves.  

Sessions are 1-on-1.  Packages may be shared within the couple.  

4-5 day concierge treatment with multiple doctors, healers and coaches.  $9-12k, varies person-to-person, case-to-case. 

* Please understand that a very limited amount of appointments per month are available, first come first serve. Our practitioners' time is precious and when we are full...we are full.