Supplies Needed: 

Markers or colored pencils - at least 12 colors

Printed 20 Year Game Playsheets: Monthly Log, 20 Year Map Draft, Linear 20 Year #1 & #2

Large sheets of drawing paper, at least 12” x 18” 

9 x 12” spiral-bound blank sketchbook


Large monthly wall calendars with writable daily spaces.  2 years worth.

Sticky notes that fit in the daily spaces.  


Alumni Image :: Mik, Founder of Green Your Spirit & The POP Campaign


A Print your Playsheets.

B Listen to your audios.  Take plenty of notes.

C Find a cozy spot.  Do the visualization.

D Write out the fine details of your visualization image in your sketchbook.

E Map your 20 Year Game (more details below) .

F Find a friend with imagination + clarity.  Together, write your storyline, going backwards.

G Fill out your Monthly Log.  Put it up.  Commit to a practice.

H Put up your 2-year calendar.

I Live into your game. 



You’ll need to do at least 3 copies of your map:

1. The 20 Year Game Draft template:  Just fill in your template.  

-Notice if you put down anything that's not true for you: it feels inauthentic, is there to solve a problem, is someone else's idea, fulfills an expectation of you, is tied to looking good, avoiding looking bad, dominating, avoiding domination, controlling, or being right.

-Cross off anything that resembles those things.  

-Your finished map will feel like desert that you can't wait to dive into.

2. The Initial Map:  Draw this on a large sheet of paper, using pencil, or, if inspired, all 12 colors.

-Include a central image that includes the energetic address vibe + some sort of foundational structure.

-Transfer your draft map, with fleshed-out details.

-Add image sketches and symbols.  

-Determine categories that are most important to you, like family, reputation, further learning, etc.  Emphasize these words by circling, double underlining, thickening the letters, special lettering, etc.

3. Your Complete Map:  Use all 12 colors.

-Emphasize domains, categories & topics.

-Make sure all words are on the line and connected.

-Include plenty of symbols, drawings and sketches.  Especially to pieces you are most excited about/want to bring velocity to.

-Draw thick-to-thin lines connecting the entire map.  Thicker toward center, thinner as lines branch out.