Gatherings + Facilitation

Gatherings and Facilitation


 "Straight up, your conversation is Next Level. Everything Else is Just a Distraction."

-Bryant Terry, Chef.  Food Justice Founder of B-Healthy + the Green & Black Fund.  Nautilus Awardee for GRUB: Recipes for an Urban Organic Kitchen.  Author of Vegan Soul Kitchen.  

We offer gatherings and facilitation in collaboration with CI Core Partners: POLLEN {institute}, YES! (Youth for Environmental Sanity), Granite Pass Calibration, AMULET - the field guide for living wise, the Moon Storm Community and Waldorfish.  For private speaking and facilitation, contact us below or email

POLLEN {institute}

catalyze.  genius. 

with Wei of Chocolate Founder Lisa Reinhardt & Lotus Wei Founder, Katie Hess

Global Destination Retreats, Scrumptious Tools and Programs for Conscious Creative Visionaries.  2014 Events will be announced in the Fall.  For invitations to apply, enter your name & email below with "POLLEN" in the message.


Evolving and Emerging Economies Jam

with CI Partner, YES! (Youth for Environmental Sanity)

Date: TBA, Spring 2014

Join us in transforming our economy to enable a just and regenerative world!

From social entrepreneurship to impact investing, from time banking to new metrics, from community currency to gift economy, visionaries and innovators are rethinking ‘business’, ‘transaction’, and ‘trade’ in powerful ways. They are practically generating new systems of exchange, rooting themselves to place, and expanding their impact — together co-creating an economy where the most valuable commodity is the well-being of the community landscape.

We are bring together a group of 30 diverse visionaries, entrepreneurs, movement builders, organizers, exchange professionals, impact investors, time bankers, community leaders, and other builders of the new economy. Rarely has there been an opportunity to bring such diversity together to co-learn and unlearn, and potentially synergize new and dynamic solutions to the crises of our times. And, yet, in light of the recent elections, the Occupy movement, the global financial meltdown, and more, it is clear that the time is right to bring these threads together and co-create a collective vision.

Different capital, behavioral change, cultural readiness, social justice, individual bandwidth, scale, balance, sufficiency, self-reliance, community resiliency, inequities, timeliness, transition, exclusion, localization, are among the many themes and conversations we will explore together.

If you’re a CI member committed to right livelihood, just exchange, community regeneration, meaningful investing, or doing good through business, and are interested in connecting these diverse dots and furthering the movement, we’d love for you to JAM with us! (a limited few scholarships are available)

For an invitation to apply when we open registration, enter your name and email address below, putting "EEE JAM" in the message.

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