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Our Legacy Architect Maya Hackett has crafted dozens of inspired, values-infused Giving Plans for a collective net worth of $14 Billion.  

"Regardless of the amount, we know your money is significant. It has a history, memories and people attached to it.  Other people's values have been put upon it.  Maybe you feel you have to hide it, or it isn't really "enough."  You have community that has blown thru their resources, and maybe you already have, too.  Let's lighten the money, remove the pressure & return it to a neutral resource in your pocket.  Now you can bring curiosity, play and joy to this process. There's so many ways to go.  We'll explore possibilities, finding out what's most healthy, right and true for you.

You can keep and give as little or as much as you like. You can move it thru a third party visionary you admire.  You can create a multiple-tier endowment over time.  You can do all of your giving anonymously, or use it to leverage a larger vision.  

We'll explore your values (even if you don't know what they are), find out who's doing the best work in those areas, and connect you to other philanthropists with your style of giving.    You can bring your experts, or we have a full roster of established financial planners and lawyers, each with at least twenty years of service to this community with excellence, warmth and love.  Indeed, they are like family to us. 

This is an exquisite, sacred process that only happens once in a lifetime.  You are the greatest hopes and dreams of your ancestors, with a unique lineage, teachers and experiences.  No two giving plans are even remotely alike.  I welcome you into a creative circle.  We will do much healing, calibrate to your highest intentions, and move into a plan that allows you to be truly resource*full, in all the ways that are most important.  

They say that money only makes you more of who you are. I have found this to be true, and am humbled by the dignity, truth and beauty that comes thru in our work together.  I look forward to meeting - and supporting - your expression of clarity, generosity and vision."  Maya Hackett


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