About Leadership & Commitment

Here's Some of What We've Learned About

Leadership and Commitment:  

Leadership is standing for a created commitment, in the face of current reality (agreement).   Commitment is a willingness to expand into the difficult moment while holding a picture of intention.  We learn this as parents.  As children of grownup children.  As toddlers in every new situation.

Money: After raising $40 Million + for businesses, initiatives and non-profits over 15 years, and crafting giving plans for those with a collective net worth of $14 Billion, we've learned that money doesn't live in corporate-style responsibility, analytical strife and being good.  Money Lives in Dialogue and Play.   

Mentors: On a recent private visit to Lucas Ranch, our boys sat at the desks of George Lucas and Star Wars Trilogy producer Rick McCallum.  The ranch is a wonderland of man-made creativity: whole, deer-covered hillsides cover parking lots, hiding one-of-a-kind homes in different architectural styles.  Each home houses offices, but the offices are exquisitely homey, with era-appropriate furniture and walls covered with authentic Norman Rockwells, Picassos and movie paraphanelia.  Once we got home they spent three weeks in city-planning-mode, turning every surface available to them into small community dreamscapes.  Mentors = New Possibilities that Change Us Forever.   

Family:  Six months into our marriage, Maya was hospitalized for a rare and violent pregnancy condition that had her shrink down to 85 lbs.  It was impossible to eat; a cup, even an IV of water would make her lose 4 cups of her own resources.  There are many medications to this condition, caused by a hormone from the baby, but they don't work for many women and none worked for Maya.  We said goodbye to that baby many times as she became near-terminal, when she realized that she could pay more attention to the baby sending those hormones.  If an idea came in the morning (be vegetarian, leave Los Angeles, start yoga) and she didn't implement it within 24 hours, she was back in the ER.  When she listened, the symptom subsided.  After 5 months and many huge lifestyle changes she finally began to eat and gain weight.  That boy is now about to be twelve, the oldest of our four.  She's had the condition three times, and each time it's a new set of lessons.  And we are better for it.  Family Will Make You Rise Up, If You Pay Attention.   While leadership strains struggling families, thriving families feed leadership, forward missions and build communities. Commitment distinguishes them.

Talent:  One of our NFL players had recurring shoulder injuries. The average career is three years, and 4-in, he was a consistent backup, but blocked from the starting position.  When we went to address the issue, it turned out he was blocking with his shoulders to protect his heart.  He secretly wanted to marry his sweetheart, but was afraid it would kill his on-field "Beast."  Once we cleared that and calibrated him to his deepest longing, they got engaged.  Three years later, he's got a starting position, is married and has a new baby.  We're stronger when we're fully expressed with our beloveds.

Women: Maya left a collective as co-founder when she realized the foundational values were totally inconsistent with what she had created, and the members would never have the chance to step into leadership in the ways she had hoped.  A member came to interview her for a television show, and off-camera, encouraged her to "let down her guard," to tell her story and make space for all the feelings around it.  As gatherers, women are biologically designed to create allies, so we know where all the safe, good berries are.  Our instinct is to protect each other and provide shelter.  This is why we gossip, but we don't need to do that.  Drama and feelings can be cleared from the body.  We don't need to pull people in.  As leaders, sometimes we lose credit.  It's a worthwhile opportunity to keep creating what feels healthy and right.

Marriage:  The first time Maya saw David speak, she was 19, and he was 25, leading a packed, overflowing  office of 200 people.  He was talking about Soap City, the laundry mat he worked at for five years in college.  She was smitten by his sweetness.  She leaned over to her friends, including her boyfriend of three years, and said, "When I get it together, I'm going to marry someone like that."  We were married young, but we went for love and took as many classes as humanly possible.  It's carried us thru three bouts of life threatening illness, class differences, major injuries, being mixed race (Filipino/Football), special needs babies, and very different values as activists and business owners.  There have been plenty of shiny objects and others who've made great attempts to shake things up.  We just renewed our vows after 15 years together.  When we got married, we turned time over.  We declared we had been married 80 years, and we're just living into the truth of that.  We are our Home, our Base, our Ground, where all our dreams Begin and End.  It's all about a clear Big Picture. 

Jobs: An award-winning teacher, beloved by decades of college students, came to us with a distressing level of exhaustion.  It wasn't for lack of passion.  A talented jack of all trades, he engaged his core values in all the fun parts of their lives: music, art, sports, and events.  The relationships he had with the families were completely rewarding.   It was for lack of sleep: he hadn't slept over 4 hours for over six years.  This is crazily common.  Shortly into his job he became a bit of a hermit, hiding when possible and always looking for the path with the least amount of people.  The staff was an additional stress on him, because he lost the emotional capacity to deal with the downs of day-to-day work life.  It doesn't matter how great your job is if your body isn't playing.  He slept 7 hours after his first session.  A great job requires great health.

God & Spirit: We can always access the eternal.  Throughout time, in all cultures, we've done this three ways:

Thru Nature, practice and artful learning.  Spirit reveals itself in goodness, truth, and beauty.  We just need to show up.  Not in the go-getter sense.  In the sense that we must go outside.  If we are visionary, we need to expand our view, and seethe horizon daily, so we don't get small on each other, while still staying right-sized.  As legacy builders, we must be conscious in how we walk thru our days, with what we eat and take in to our eyes, our ears and our hearts.  So we can have the neutrality needed to think in decades.  If we can make the shift from conspicuous material consumption to consciously feeding our visions with good people, experiences and memories, then we will be filled with the innate goodness of humanity.  God in the form of others.


Privilege: There are a million kinds of privilege, and all of them are leveragable into a fulfilling life and legacy.  But they are different, they allow for different things and they separate us from each other.  It's important to know when there's a power dynamic at play, and how to remove the power dynamic for the long-term benefits of partnership based in solidarity.  Privilege is most valuable when we're present to others.

Love: Maya's grandmother read palms like movies across the hand, with startling accuracy.  When she was in her last year, suffering Alzheimer's disease and no idea who Maya was, she grabbed at her hands, and her eyes began racing, wide.  "Oh, no, oh no, oh, no. Do you love him?  Tell me now, do you love him? I don't like what I see!"  "What, Grandma, what??"  "Just tell me!"  She found her husband as a prisoner of war, and he went on to win a Purple Heart and Silver Star.  They had four children, lost one, and lived crazily devout Catholic lives with saints on every surface.  But central to all of this was love.  They held hands at all moments, even when yelling at each other.  What she knew, even when things looked bad, even when her husband was gone and she know longer knew Maya, is that love is what matters.  


Enough:  All Resources Are Plentiful And Precious.  It might not be true, but a sense of sufficiency, gratitude, and respect will take us anywhere we need to go.  It's a great context to start from


Career: This is just pathway On Path.  Life works best when we don't make it overly significant, but we are still all-in, because we're All-In, In Life.  By bringing creativity to our careers (being proactive, engaged, and self-led), we align ourselves with the creative energy of the Divine, making us electric, charismatic and irreplaceable.  Best way to do this?  Go outside everyday.  Tap into Source.

Finances: We opened our dream exotic car share right before the economy crashed.  When we went to bankrupt the company, we interviewed several self-made mentors worth at least $5 million each.  Their response?  If we didn't declare bankruptcy at least 3 times, we weren't even playing.  That's not a goal we aspired to, obviously.  And, it freed us.  Those that "have" teach those that don't to fear for their life if their "status" (financial, educational, career, political) is at risk.  Meanwhile, they are experimenting in the playground of life.  Finances are not what's important in this life.  Be unreasonable.


For 15 years, our work has been a secret, traded amongst those in the know: professional athletes, celebrities and high-caliber executives.  Our friends and clients begged us to make it available to the Whole.  So we said, sure (actually it's taken years to make that work)...






Legacy Architecture :: Foundation, Scaffolding & Building Blocks

The 20 Year Game 100 Year Vision.   Capacity Expansion.


Calibration :: Alignment at the Mental, Emotional, Etheric and Cell Levels

None of our intentions play out fully if we aren't physically in alignment with our intentions. Schedule a 1-on-1 Session here.


Community ::  Surrender to Support


We all need a Blessed Village :: Multi-Generational Relationships with Chosen Elders and Mentors.  Accountability and Response-Ability.

We need to create a sustainable framework - a unique map - for navigating, and to unite our loved ones under a common understanding that honors each family member.  We need to make sure that our challenges are worthwhile, and to shed those that are unneeded.

Probably no one ever told you that you don't have to deal with that baggage, the same persistent problems or consistent physical pain. 

Clearly, we learn from you and your expansion everyday.  It becomes a gift to our members as we see more of what's possible.   

Thank you for your leadership.  

Maya & David Paul Hackett

CI founders Maya & David Paul Hackett with Cheryl & Jerry Attaway, 4-Time SuperBowl Winner, Strength & Conditioning Coach, SF 49ers

CI Finance :: John Hunt Jr. (Financial Planning Football Family) has been managing 9-figures for over 26 years with the same firm.  Here with Joey, Will & Stuart Hunt

Speaking at TEDx. Here, with Jessica Libbey, Michelle Fetsch, Rosalyn Fay, Alara Castell, Mama Gena & KC Baker

Drew, Robyn, & Scott Turner (Minnesota Vikings), CI founders David Paul Hackett & Maya Hackett

The Boys with College Football Hall of Fame Inductee, 18 Consecutive Conference Champ Winner, Jim Sochor

Co-Facilitating The Leveraging Privilege for Social Change Jam, West Virginia

Backstage at TEDx FiDi Women :: CI founder Maya Hackett, Gabby Bernstein, Alissa Vitti, Lisa Rankin, MD, KC Baker

CI Core Partner :: YES! (Youth for Environmental Sanity) Board & Partner Community Summit

Jane Aarp, at her UCD Hall of Fame induction.  David Paul & Lake Hackett. Fred Aarp, UCD Assistant Head Coach with  36 straight winning seasons, 20 consecutive league championships and 17 NCAA playoff appearances

CI Alumni :: Live Moon Storm Gathering, Seattle

CI Core Partners :: POLLEN {institute} = Lisa Reinhardt, founder.  Wei of Chocolate.  Maya Hackett.  Katie Hess, founder.  Lotus Wei Organics. 

CI Core Partners :: YES! Evolving & Emerging Economies Jam & Leveraging Privilege for Social Change Jam Co-Facilitators and Friends

CI Core Partner :: Amulet, The Field Guide to Living Wise. Publishers Marybeth Bonfiglio, Danielle Cohen & Maya Hackett

Uncle Ejiro Evero, Offensive Assistant, SF 49ers & the Hackett Boys

CI Alumni :: Live Moon Storm Gathering, Point Reyes, CA

Creative Beacons & Luminaries, Esalen Institute