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Wow :: The Gift of Foundational Support 

Space to build, create and make a difference. Raise Money is so far beyond a gift.  

Nevermind the exponential power of you both taking the reigns in your initiatives.  Rising tides, indeed. 

We imagine you have someone truly important in mind.  We'll send them a handwritten card to let them know the good news.  Make sure to add a special note, below.


Once our live session is complete, they'll get the whole shebang.  Ready?


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Questions? Need help?

Email: clarity@calibrationinstitute.com

Is there a Facebook group?


What do I do if I’ve lost my password to RAISE MONEY?

Email Reid at clarity@calibrationinstitute.com

Is there a Twitter hashtag?

Yes! #RaiseMoney & #CalibrationInstitute

How do I download the audios & playsheets from RAISE MONEY?

For playsheets, simply right-click directly on the image.  On a Mac, you do this by holding down the "option" key as you click on the image. Every audio has a download button on the audio player on the far right.  

You'll also receive a zip file with everything in is at the end of the month!

Can I share audios/playsheets from RAISE MONEY with my family/friends?

Thank you for asking.   The unique password you received with your purchase is just for you.  You can, however, share the playsheets and videos from the Moon Storm Sessions, and they can receive the trainings available thru free Calibration Institute Membership.

What should I do if I have a question that wasn’t answered here?

Just check in with us at clarity@calibrationinstitute.com!