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Now, for the First Time...

Exactly How To Raise $5k - $40million

for Your Business, Movements, and Initiatives


"Whoever enters the way without a guide will take 100 years to travel a 2-day journey."  -Rumi




  • How our founders raised $40 million over 15 years - while raising three kids full-time
  • What's really needed to secure investors, and how to care for them long-term
  • How to stand by the investments, including law suit dramas and consulting to a $240 million+ exit sale
  • Why it's important to clarify Measures, how that's different from money and why you can't have it all without them
  • The realities of fundraising: time frames, dynamics and hard lessons 
  • What you don't know that makes it impossible to fail
  • How to know exactly who you're working with and what they need to hear within 30 seconds
  • Creative ways to work with hybrid non-profit + social venture platforms
  • Who you need to be to get this done in full integrity, without compromising your heart
  • How being an analytical numbers person, or a hard-driven business driver will hurt your chances
  • How to arrange your life and space to ensure funding
  • What you really need to give them, so they write the check
  • The dangers of financial addiction and gambling that come with large chunks of money, and how to keep your power for the real work you do  
  • Not to mention the confidence you'll get when you realize that they did this all in their jeans, as hippies, being NICE.   This unteachable, but fully learnable ease comes from being with them, LIVE.


Grow Your Vision, Build Your Movement and Monetize Your Initiatives

by Leveraging Your Personal Calibration and Compass Work



Calibration Institute Founders Maya and David Paul Hackett share their 


Online. Doors Close & Class Begins, SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2013

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•Surprising, 100% REAL behavior & psychology revelations that turn unexpected non-investors into ecstatic funding partners

•Laser-lucid ways to design your pitch with kindness and integrity for ridiculous velocity

•Nuts & bolts simplicity PLUS specific tips and strategies to use your natural connection and style so you don't sabotage everything with awkward fear or force.

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In RAISE MONEY, you'll discover
  • HOW to embody your ideas, content, and products so others are dying to get involved...
  • HOW to know who will suck your vision dry, and focus on lifting beloveds to create lifelong, delighted investors and collaborators that will always take you Next Level...
  • WHICH unspoken fears and hidden triggers you need to instantly know for each kind of partnership to move forward
  • WHY partners will buy your proposal, but reject others... 
  • EXPERIENCE generating support that's usually available only to those with multi-generational financial stability.
  • LEARN the Science of Being On Path, forwarding projects that come fom your innate compass. We we tell you how to do this with velocity,  clearing any blocks that come up to stay On Path and On Purpose. 

The real rules have nothing to do with the ins-and-outs of venture capitalism...

Today, everyone has an instant bullshit meter and not too much time.  Before you can spill your elevator pitch, your 9 seconds of genius, their bodies are reading your energetic field -  and they can tell if you and your project are part of their Big Picture.  Even if they're not very aware, not very conscious, and seem to like you plenty.  They can tell if you've come to give or to take, and they'll know because it will either feed them or drain them.  If you aren't clear at the cell level, your project is screwed.

In RAISE MONEY, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite REAL fundraisers.  Not a single online marketer in the bunch.

You’ll be immersed in the science and truth of successful presentation - when it starts, how to prepare and what to focus on.  You'll completely understand investor behavior...when you need to back off, for how long, and precisely what to do when it's time to lean in.

In this information-packed course, you’ll also discover...

  • Why it's way easier than everyone makes it...
  • How to engineer contagious enthusiasm that will lead to the real source of your funds...
  • How consistent, persistent funding habits are formed (and destroyed)...
  • ...and how to comfortably create a movement that supports your vision

From CI's lifelong collaborators, you’ll learn:

  • How to tweak your pitch to intrigue whomever you're talking to, based on neuro-emotional economics and energy medicine
  • The paradigm shift that makes it unnecessary to consciously apply this newfound knowledge in your day-to-day conversations - you'll know it that well
  • The latest neuro-emotional research on what really motivates partnership choices
  • What actually happens inside the human brain as investors make their decisions, and how to use that in your favor
  • Clear, specific tools to create more effective brands, funding campaigns and viral content
  • How to unlock the "boy's club" amongst "those who have," and why they know they need your vision
  • When you want to use long-term cultivation and events to slow things down and build a movement
  • How much business plans play into this whole thing...and when you don't need them at all
  • What's worked and what's sucked, for real

1 Month.
9 Key Areas to Master, & How. 
5 Family-Oriented Funding Experts.
Your Unique Vision, Questions + Game-Changing Answers.

Our handpicked guests create results with integrity. We chose them for 4 reasons:

  • They know how to generate the surprise velocity that only comes from connection and play
  • They each have ten-to-twenty five years of demonstrable expertise in their field
  • Their style and ideas apply to individuals, companies and organizations, online & off
  • They are fantastic teachers, because they are engaged, fully-present parents who organize their days around their families.  Once you hear their voices, you'll breathe a huge sigh of relief: this course is for good, tender, and kind people, with better things to do than obsess over marketing, fame or scarcity/affluence dynamics.

Our Promise?

You will intuitively understand how to RAISE MONEY for any initiative that cleanly resonates with who you are as a contribution.    You will learn how to embody your Big Picture, allowing you to gather exponential resources of all kinds, so you can share your work now, not only when the check is in the bank.  You'll be given exactly how to find your funders, what they need, and how to cultivate the ability to make your vision land with every gesture, expression and sentence you speak.  You will set out to raise funds, and walk away as a philanthropist.



With 15 years experience of hugely successful funding, consulting, donor training and investor management, David and Maya have gathered priceless, hands-on intelligence in an exclusive domain that's elusive, at best. 

They’ve tested all kinds of conventional ways to start businesses and build momentum (on-and-offline)....and have followed quite a few popular experts and teachers...

And what's so is...

The mogul-mindset takes up too much space to let in the big deals.  

They're missing the gold that comes from the basics of old-fashioned relatedness and full-on respect for community, elders, and collaborative peers. 

What Maya and David will reveal thru specific, unbelievable story after unbelievable story is going to turn you into an intuitive resource-raiser.  Exponentially more powerful than fundraising alone.

  • We believe this whole process will surprise you. In fact, we're pretty sure you'll raise your capital goals by 50%.
  • You'll discover surprising and totally unexpected partners when you realize the power in what you're really doing. (It's way bigger than you even believe)
  • Plus, you'll get the secret frameworks they use to turn one-time investors into multiple deals over the course of years and months.

RAISE MONEY is Your One-Stop "Game Changer." 


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9 RECORDED WORKSHOPS, you can listen to on the plane or pre-meeting

15 TEMPLATES, including checklists, sample conversations, worksheets, proposal basics, community overviews

3 LIVE, 90-MINUTE Q&A CALLS for your exact fundraising questions

OUR BLACK BOOK of capital organizations, philanthropical organizations, and social venture support


ZIP DRIVE DELIVERY of all components, for eternal access



This is the only time we are offering this class LIVE.  It has already sold out, & we've re-opened registration to field requests from some really cool initiatives.

Because they intend to answer your questions directly, in detail, Q&A IS EXTREMELY LIMITED.  

CI will send you a questionnaire with the type of project you are funding and up to 3 questions upon registration.    Make sure to send it in tonight.

Class begins September 1st!

We're sorry, but Raise Money is doubly

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"If you work hard on your job, you can make a living. 

If you work hard on yourself, you can make a fortune."

-Jim Rohn