rescue for dads


(rescue for) DADS IS CURRENTLY FULL.  

Next Registration is open to members of the monthly DADS Call, only.

  • Are you balancing leadership with an intense love of family time?  Are you living with both an intense drive and a hardcore desire to stay home with the kids?
  • Are you totally hands-on, unwilling to outsource your parenting?
  • Do you deal with parenting differences that compromise your relationship? 
  • Are you dealing with burnout?  Having a hard time getting it all done, failing in some important areas? 
  • Is your life such a dream that it's high-stakes, all the time?  Is it high-risk, high reward, with the rewards confusing your family values & quality time? 
  • Are you blowing it?

We host an intimate, free monthly support group with live, individual calibration.  

We keep the DAD Calls intimate, so registration is limited.  To join the queue, enter your name and email below.  We'll send you an invitation to attend the call and set you up.

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Don't do it.  We know you won't, but we know you think about it.  There's some simple solutions that make life slow down and expand your capacities exponentially.  Schedule a 1-on-1 Workshop Session asap.

It's going to be okay.  Promise.