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This is the Refresh Button for couples that

want & need a fresh start... 

  • You're madly in love & want to take it Next Level
  • You've been married forever
  • You've had kids & lost something
  • You've been thru trauma, infidelity, or loss
  • You are just getting started but want to come into the relationship cleanly
  • There's a sense of unworthiness, hurting you both
  • There's "other people" dynamics at play


  • You think you two need huge treat (there's PLENTY included)
  • You have personal baggage that sabotages your love & intentions
  • You just love each other & understand the value of a good emotional & energetic detox
  • Your relationships seem to cause you physical pain, fear, anguish or distress
  • You or your partner is considering divorce or separation


The 1 Day LIVE Couples Calibration Includes:


2 1-on-1 Private Workshops Sessions via Skype Prior to Sync.

Each of you meet with us individually to create your own Compass, so you can come into the Sync. classroom in the most whole, personally empowered space.  We'll clear concerns or patterns dominating your days, create a new future that includes what's been elusive and calibrate you to those goals at the cell level. 


2-hour Private Couples Calibration

You'll discover the inherited, DNA-level muck and originating events (not your partner!) at the source of your marital tensions, persistent issues and stuck points triggered by your partner (because they're there).  Together, we'll clear them out of your cell and organ tissue thru a variety of neuro-emotional exercises.


6-hour Simple Synchronicity Workshop + Simple Sacred Contract

We'll distinguish your innate commitments and acknowledge the investments you've already made that keep  you all in.  Your relationship paradigm will shift to exquisite and tempered for your life's work together.  You'll create new language that honors you both, for moving into a fresh generosity.  Finally you'll generate agreements based on the relationship's vote, walking away with a Simple Sacred Contract.

Farmer's Kitchen Cafe

Farmer's Kitchen Cafe



Bio-Regional, Farm-Fresh Lunch 

To lock in your work, we'll need to take in quality nourishment & sustenance. 

In Sacramento...we co-own the best cafe in the region.  Depending on what's in season that day, we'll have an assortment of vegetarian dishes, free-range, organic meat sandwiches, gorgeous sides, giant salads and gluten-free sweet things. 

Everywhere else...we are crazy about our farm-to-table partners.  It will be delectable, clean and a lot


To Maintain + Elevate...

All the Wei bag.jpg


24 2-Minute Chocolate Meditations.

  For the full weather of a real relationship.

Our clients and heart sisters at Wei of Chocolate + Lotus Wei bring you organic, fair trade, vegan, gluten free, soy free dark chocolate infused with different blends of herbs, spices and flower essences.

Chai Spice Infused Wei  Gratitude Chili Infused Wei Love Himalayan Pink Salt Infused Wei Inspired Citrus Infused Wei Joyful Pure Dark Wei Relaxed Pure Dark Wei Pure


Based on 12 years in Asia with some of Tibetan Buddhism's greatest peace-holders, these melt in your mouth whenever you need a two-minute break to remind yourself to breathe deeply and enjoy the present moment.  Or to practice and savor the new paradigm you create together.

Each one also contains hand-collected vibrational essences from Lotus Wei  to balance the mind and body along the acupuncture meridians.   These are the exact same products featured at the world's best spas and resorts.


Speaking of which, you also get... 



2 Infinite Love Mists by Lotus Wei Organics

EXPERIENCE: Love potion-like. Fall in love with yourself, attract love and affection, magnetism, charisma

SHIFTS: Being hard on yourself, irritability, feeling a lack of love

AROMA: Exquisite Rose, Red Mandarin, & Honey




2 Quiet Mind Serums by Lotus Wei Organics

EXPERIENCE: Clarity, focus, & quiet mind during the day. Relaxation & deep sleep at night. 

SHIFTS: Busy mind, mental chatter, trouble sleeping, physical tension (especially neck & shoulders)

AROMA: Geranium, Lemon, & Coriander




2 Joy Juice Elixers by Lotus Wei Organics

EXPERIENCE: Joy, laughter, euphoria, contentment, enjoying life more

SHIFTS YOU OUT OF: Seriousness and feeling the weight of responsibilities

TASTES OF: Raw desert wildflower honey, Blood Orange, Davana (strawberry-like), Marigold, Rosewood


2 Flower Essence Logs

You'll track your physical and emotional shifts over the course of the month.  Keeping your commitments at the forefront of your consciousness, bliss, peace and romance at your fingertips.


 **Registration is Limited to 4 Couples Per Event**


Because space is so limited and we’re curating a partnership experience, this is a no-refunds event.  

Once you’re in, you’re in!


UPCOMING Dates + Cities:

Boston, MA

January 8th, 2016

9:00am- 6pm

San Diego, CA                         

January 30th, 2016

9:00am- 6pm


San Francisco, CA                

January 2nd, 2016

9:00am- 6pm



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Lakes Region, NH                      

February 18th, 2016

9:00am- 6pm


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Davis, CA                                  

March 7th, 2016

 9:00am- 6pm


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San Francisco, CA

March 15th, 2016

9:00am- 6pm


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