the muse


CARE AND KEEPING OF THE MUSE (C.A.Ke.) is currently full.  

Next Registration is open to members of the monthly C.A.KE. Call, only.

  • Does She inspire you to provide Everything...and Anything?  Are you with the One, who makes your body race, every single day?
  • Has she been running a riot of antique complaints that you don't listen, haven't been there or aren't showing up?
  • Does it sometimes seem like she has no idea what you actually do, or how hard you work? 
  • Does she find her peace in the distracting wilds of visual beauty, outrageous community, intense projects and Earth's calling?  Is she touched with wanderlust?  
  • Is she a demand that you be wide awake, conscious at all times with standards that sometime feel impossible to achieve? 

We host an intimate, free monthly support group with live, individual calibration.  

We keep the C.A.KE. Calls intimate, so registration is limited.  To join the queue, enter your name and email below.  We'll send you an invitation to attend the call and set you up.

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Ooh, it's fiery over there.  Schedule a 1-on-1 Workshop Session asap & both of you show up.  

She's going to be over the moon to work on this together.