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Whether you're starting something new from the top, from scratch or in a mid-life pivot, it's going to take

Capacity Expansion.  The Science of Being On Path.

On Purpose.  Your talents, genius and what you've learned won't get you there alone.  Your elders, mentors and experience have taken you this far.  

Now you need to make room for this journey.  The "whoosh!" of unexpected.  The full learning curve of manifestation.  And it is generally not all pretty.

And of course, if you intend an exact match to your goal, that's where your leadership comes in.   

Let us explain. 

Capacity Expansion Playsheet

(It's most powerful to fill this out by hand, but it's writable.) 

right click to download

right click to download

We'd love to see what you're creating.  Nothing inspires us more.   

You can send your sheets, your questions and musings to clarity@calibrationinstitute.com.  If you're ready to play...