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CALIBRATION INSTITUTE is a collective of world-class doctors, healers and coaches that Clear. Create. Calibrate. you to your intentions at the cell level.  Physical pain and emotional chaos from your relationships, circumstances and events are transformed, healed, and cleared, while obstacles become irrelevant to your iconic purpose.   Thru our live sessions, courses, clinic visits and retreats, we provide Compass Work to distinguish your innate legacy, based on your body's wisdom, innate gesture and soul topography. 


Father first, intuitive Calibration Strategist second, and occasionally a $40 million+ fundraiser for businesses, initiatives and non-profits, David helps you create a loving, prolific partnership with the overall dynamics of your life.  He actively sought out the very best practitioners, resulting in our exclusive, completely word-of-mouth collective, Granite Pass Calibration.  Here, NFL Athletes, Teams, Trainers, Chiropractors and Execs of $100 M+ companies clear patterns that stand in the way of results, velocity and profit.  David then created the Clear Create Calibrate Process thru direct experience with the kinds of crazy shit it takes to work the trenches and make things exist: 

*By a mere 17 years old, he had been behind the closed doors of an NFL World Championship with the San Fransisco 49ers, an NCAA Football National Championship with the USC Trojans, and his own undefeated 16-0 Texas State Football Championship with the Southlake Carroll Dragons.  

*Fresh out of college, he broke six figures within 10 months, reaching the top of the company by year's end.  

*So much early witnessing of wasted “Talent” and wasted “Money”, inspired him to seek the leading-edge ways and technologies winners used to sustain success in any area of their lives.

•Co-founded and funded MixMatters, Inc., a multi-genre, celebrity DJ syndication + supplies wonderland, now 14+ years-strong. 

•Co-funded and consulted a concept aesthetics clinic to 78+ locations.

•Co-funded and consulted a second aesthetics business from clinics to licensing for a sale of $240 million+ in under three years. 

•Co-founded: Waldorfish.com, resources from Waldorf teachers and families, Toccare, an exotic car and yacht share, Relativity Productions (film), and Accent Teller Services (sold to Merrimak Inc, 2005).

•Co-funded: Advanced Laser Clinics, Inc., American Laser Clinics, Inc. PakIT Inc., Natural Food Works (Farmer's Kitchen Cafe), and RadVault.

In tandem with our team, David clears physical, chemical, nutritional, emotional, and energetic patterns that stand in the way of results, velocity and profit.  Stagnant relationships, abrasive (or volatile) business partnerships, stuck problems, physical pain and family issues transform. You calibrate to your goals at the cell level. You begin operating from a place of wholeness and joyful alignment, feeling hope and power without false pride, dread or overwhelm.  He guides you thru the stages of Unconsciously Incompetent, Consciously Incompetent, Consciously Competent, Unconsciously Competent, Excellent, and Genius. 

David works directly with incoming families, executives, couples and athletes thru two 1-on-1 sessions, before selecting the team that's going to catalyze your path and purpose.  Although there's different gateways to begin calibration, our work is multi-dimensional, impacting every area of your life.

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John Hunt and his team have taken care of 3 generations of our family.  Solid as a Southern Oak, John has managed well over 9 figures for 26 years.  He has been an invaluable asset in connecting the right people to the right people, helping  dozens of our beloveds to fulfill their business and family dreams.  Shortly put, John is a foundational pillar of Calibration Institute.  Above all, John is family and can be trusted with the most complex of financial situations, always coming from a place of power, love & what is best for our members.

John works with our Icons, Beacons, and Angels. 

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